“Nothing but pure Satanic black metal done with mastery…” – Terra Relicta
  “They have that same primitive yet very effective way of dragging you into their dark universe.”

Battle Helm

 “I have come to the conclusion that Unholy Baptism is an exceptional band from Arizona”

Project Metal Music


“Showing their love for 90’s black metal without sounding too dated, Unholy Baptism plays some quality black metal on “On the Precipice”. Angry bee guitars, melodic riffs and freezing vocals will tickle your black heart throughout this release. The production is quite good and helps flesh things out with a solid mix. …I need more darkness from this duo!” – Maximum Metal

“This is perfect Northern underground black metal at its best!” –The Pain Fucktory

Volume I: The Bonds of Servitude is one of the most relentless, explosive and depressive albums I have ever heard. -Overdrive Music Magazine