…On the Precipice of the Ancient Abyss – 2017

Lineup –

Mantus – Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Lyrics

Moloch – Lead Guitar, Drums


Track Listing:

  1. Bitter Winds (So Cold)
  2. Wall of Silence
  3. Descent of Eternal Sorrow
  4. Staring into the Black
  5. Bathed in the Unholy Fire
  6. Return to the Fields of Eternity
  7. For the Glory of Satan
  8. Four Lords
  9. Shadow of Death
  10. Upon the Shadow Throne
  11. Outro: The Oceans are Never Silent

Available for free at unholybaptism.bandcamp.com

Click here for lyrics for all tracks


Unholy Baptism Self-Titled EP (Out of Print) – 2010

Lineup –

Mantus – Bass, Vocals

Moloch – Guitar

Hate – Drums


Track Listing:

  1. Bloody Crucifixion
  2. Nailed and Raped
  3. For the Glory of Satan
  4. Blasphemous
  5. Waging War on Heaven